Glenn Williams Productions


Art Birthday parties are a fun and educational way to celebrate 
Glenn can provide live music for any occasion. A classical quartet for your
garden party. A solo guitarist for the perfect wedding ceremony ambiance.
Or, if it's time to let your hair down, there are bands available from Jazz, Rock and Dance.    OurStage
Artful experiences from birthday parties to corporate bonding retreats. Art has through the ages been used to enhance any situation. Glenn supplies the materials and an array of projects to choose from.

Glenn and Carol O'Connor from Table Critic at the 

Dedham Rotary’s Taste of Dedham

Every fund raisers need someone to make sure the music is right and everyone knows where to get their
raffle tickets and silent auction items. Glenn Williams can provide all this along with a state of the art public address system. Glenn is also the live auctioneer you need to inspirer