Glenn Williams Productions

"Glenn is very supportive in the Roslindale local arts scene. He has made the Roslindale Open Studios process organized, easy, and flawless. I admire is dedication."
          Amy Joyce
     Graphic Designer & Artist


Rob Consalvo

Boston City Councilor

I have known Glenn for a number of years and I can attest to his enthusiasm, intelligence and ability. Glenn is a hard worker with a strong sense of commitment. He is eager to accept responsibility and he is able to work independently. Glenn is works tirelessly to make the community he lives in a better place. I am confident that Glenn would be outstanding candidate for any company and I am proud to recommend him to you.

Monica Haldiman

Principal at Sacred heart School

Glenn is the consummate professional. His passion about his work inspires his students to think creatively and to take artistic risks. He is a definite asset to any institution or program.

Chris Lovett

TV, print, photo journalist based in Boston

Glenn has been a tireless advocate for the arts, helping provide connections between artists and the community. He has used that experience as a leader in finding new ways for BNN to accomplish its mission of building community through local media.

Bird Mancini

Owner, Bird Mancini

Glenn has worked tirelessly to promote the arts in and around Roslindale, MA. He and his wife Janice were greatly responsible for getting the successful Roslindale Farmers Market up and running and Glenn has done a pro job working with the musicians and running sound there weekly. His award-winning BNN-TV show "It's All About Arts" has offered local artists an appreciated spotlight for years. Glenn is also a fine artist and musician in his own right. He is well spoken and personable, a gem to work with, and we would highly recommend him for any job he may seek.

Ruby Bird & Billy Carl Mancini 

June Alexandra

Fabric Artist at Blooms and Greens Inc.

I was delighted to see the thousands of children and adults who know and respect Glenn Williams as we walked together in the Roslindale Day Parade to promote Open Studios. Working with Glenn, I have seen him run meetings efficiently, and navigate multiple problems sucessfully with a large group of workers and volunteers. I greatly respect his ability to connect with, teach and inspire children in his art classes.
His boundless energy and commitment to the community and to art in our lives has made Roslindale a much richer place for all of us. He is a rich human being and he shares this wealth of knowledge and caring with all he encounters. I am always looking forward to working with him on Open Studios in Roslindale and any project that he invites me to partake in. He is a great asset to have as a leader, a worker and a friend. He inspires me always to work harder, work better with others and love art more.